Temperatures like at the Arctic Circle: Winter is doing its best again and will bring icy temperatures of up to minus 20 degrees to Central Europe in the next few days. If you are now spontaneously drawn to the warmth, you are at the right place at pissedtraveller.com.

We have compiled a list of the ultimate travel destinations for you, which are currently pampering you with plenty of sun and white sandy beaches instead of snow.

Ultimate travel destinations for the upcoming cold front 

Dubai – sun under an oriental sky

Vacationers in the largest metropolis in the United Arab Emirates have practically a guarantee for sunny days. With 27 degrees daily temperature travellers can expect even in winter. This not only enables a jump into the sea but also a day trip to the desert, for example. 

Caribbean warmth in the Dominican Republic

Holidaymakers can also expect a lot of warmth and light in the Caribbean. As of December, the hurricane season will be history, at least for this year. It makes room for dry and largely sunny time. Around 27 degrees attract vacationers to the white beaches

Thailand – Sawadee, dear sun

If you prefer the tropics for your trip, you should fly towards Thailand. The hospitable country in Southeast Asia also comes up with an average of 30 degrees. This is made possible by the dry season in southern Thailand when vacationers quickly forget the wintertime in their home country. 

Insider tip Lesser Antilles

The insider tips with a similar sun intensity include the so-called Lesser Antilles, to which Aruba belongs, for example. The small Caribbean island scores not only with beautiful beaches but also with a handsome island capital, nice restaurants and ideal shopping thanks to the duty-free offer. 

Sultanate of Oman for charging the batteries

It also looks sunny at 28 degrees in the Sultanate of Oman. In addition to beach holidays, the country on the Persian Gulf is also ideal for round trips by rental car. It has an extremely good infrastructure and can, therefore, be explored perfectly on your own. 

Under the Florida blue sky

Similar to the Caribbean, the climate in Florida is shifting in favour of sun-hungry vacationers. On the beaches of Miami and Fort Lauderdale, guests can count on a whopping 28 degrees a day. If you need a break from sunbathing, you should treat yourself to a round of outlet shopping in the large malls of the Sunshine States

Sun is full in down under

If that’s not far enough for you, you should take the 20 hours journey to Australia. It is summer there when it is winter here. Depending on the holiday location, you can look forward to 29 degrees in Down Under. Classics are of course Sydney and Melbourne, but the region around Perth in Western Australia would also be a sunny insider tip. 

A comparatively short flight to the Canary Islands

If you don’t want to fly that far and are afraid of the time difference, the Canaries are just the thing for you. With a daily temperature of 16 degrees, there is not as much heat here as in the Caribbean or Asia, but it is always enough to soak up the sun. Whether Gran Canaria, Tenerife or Fuerteventura: the batteries can be refilled on the islands in the Atlantic. 

Lots of sun on the Red Sea

The beaches of Egypt are also just a four-hour flight away. At the same time, days with up to 26 degrees are waiting for guests. It is warm and bright on the beaches of Hurghada as well as on the coasts of the nearby towns of El Gouna or Marsa Alam