The Australian blogger Exploramum travels the world with her son. Here she tells of the highlights of the first four years of her world tour:

My son Explorason and myself, Exploramum, are just beginning the fourth year of our big trip around the world. At the moment we are still in the jungle of Uganda, looking for gorillas in their natural environment.

An undertaking that many people certainly cannot treat themselves to, so this special experience was a good reason to review the past four years. Together with my ten-year-old son, we have created a short list of our top travel destinations that are not generally overrun by tourists.


We rented a car and toured the coast of Ireland for a week. The landscapes and views that are offered here are really breath-taking. We found a cosy pub in almost every town, but our favourite was clearly the Inch Pub, in the middle of the Irish hinterland.

Dinner was served by the open fire, with a view of the vast sea. The children played together by the fire and the singing of the locals to Irish instruments reached us from the bar area. It was almost too cosy.

Another highlight was the visit to the Giant’s Causeway, a magical place where nature really let off steam while shaping the rock formations. Hours of climbing and running made my son very happy.


With a small boat, you are quickly from Panama City in the island paradise of Boca Brava, a few hours to the west. The journey is well worth it, here you can swim in surreally beautiful lagoons, visit other neighbouring islands, especially one whose beach is full of blue-green pebbles.

Or go on a hike, accompanied by ape families that swing over you through the woods. We stayed in a hotel on top of the island’s cliffs with incredible views. Countless stairs or not, it was so nice that five more were added to the planned two nights.


I know what you think, Egypt may not be one of the most stable countries in the Middle East right now, but that’s precisely why the security forces are very vigilant precisely because of this, and vacation prices have dropped extremely.

Therefore, many of the large hotel resorts and facilities are a lot emptier and more relaxed, the queues of sights are shorter, and if you need complete peace of mind, just climb a pyramid page in Giza with your child and enjoy the view! On the Red Sea, we recommend an overnight stay in the Miramar Sheraton.


This country has much more to offer than Fez or riding a camel through the Sahara and spending the night in a Bedouin tent. One of the most fascinating sights came from a herd of goats, balancing the branches to eat the argan fruits straight from the tree.

You can marvel at this natural spectacle on the way to Chefchouin, a city that is completely in shades of blue. Another insider tip for photographers.


Fresh from the alpaca hunt, we headed for the Uyuni Salt Flat, the largest of its kind in the world, so we didn’t want to miss a night in a “Posada”, a hut in which every piece of furniture, even your bed, built or carved out of salt. Really a quaint, strange experience. And enough funny photo illusions can also be made, even if these motifs are a bit trite.


Many of our friends advised us not to travel through Romania in the deepest winter when there was heavy snow. But for us, it was still one of our favourite anti-tourist destinations.

Also unforgettable is our sleigh ride through a white wonder forest on New Year’s morning, after a medieval party the night before. We spent the night in a hotel made of ice, it was an impressive, bitterly cold experience, luckily there were enough warm fur blankets!

Interestingly, at this time full of technology and distractions, full of online addiction and cell phones, all of our best memories come from experiences that were completely technology-free.

“Exploring the world allows me to get to know real life instead of cyberspace, and it makes you a lot happier,” says my Explorason, just 10 tender years old.