Which travel bags are trendy right now? What should you pay attention to when buying the right suitcase? We asked pocket expert Sabrina Vogel (PR / Marketing) for an interview and asked them about the latest developments.

What should you look for when buying the right travel bag?

Sabrina Vogel: Before buying, think about the purpose for which you want to use the travel bags. Should it be a sporty and easy-care bag or can it also be a weekender made of fine leather? Leather is, of course, more maintenance-intensive and not necessarily suitable for outdoor activities.

Materials such as tarpaulin, cotton or polyester would fit better. If you travel a lot from A to B with the travel bag, there are also special bags with integrated backpack straps with which the travel bag can be converted into a backpack at lightning speed. Roller travel bags are even more practical.

Find out what type you are and what type of travel you are looking for a bag for. Before you buy, think about the size of your travel bags. There are small bags, but there are also some with extra storage space.

In general, I advise you to think about a suitcase when travelling for more than 3 days or if you have to transport your luggage a lot. Because a suitcase or trolley is more practical thanks to the wheels and usually fits even more.

Which travel bags are trendy right now?

Sabrina Vogel: Leather weekenders are back in fashion. It is not only the practical idea that counts, but also the look. Travellers have become more trend-conscious in recent years. Stylish classics like Picard and Bric’s are just as popular as vintage travel bags from aunts & uncles. Bags with a sporty and clean Nordic look are also high on the trend barometer.

The best bag for a city trip?

Sabrina Vogel: My personal tip is small trolleys with 4 wheels, which are simply more practical to transport. In addition, the interior can be organized better and the things have fewer wrinkles in the end than in a travel bag.

There are special onboard luggage trolleys that can also be carried on the plane as hand luggage. The size is also optimal for a weekend trip. In addition, on-board luggage saves having to wait at the baggage belt at the arrival point.

Another advantage of a suitcase: when travelling, you can attach a handbag, briefcase or beauty case to the telescopic pole. This leaves the second hand free for city maps, taking photos or the coffee mug.

The most suitable bag for a relaxing family vacation?

Sabrina Vogel: I would also recommend a trolley here, but with more storage space. The advantages remain and the hands are free for the children. My very special recommendation is a suitcase set from Rimowa because the suitcases are elegant, timeless and reliable.

In addition, there are all sizes from the children’s trolley to the XL version. Rimowa travel luggage also offers a wide range of optics – trendy white, light green, feminine violet or the classic aluminium in silver.

 Pack the right suitcase and the must-haves when travelling

What is your ultimate must-have when travelling?

Sabrina Vogel: The backpack is currently making a comeback because it is just so practical. A backpack offers plenty of storage space, the load can be distributed well on the back and your hands are free again for more important things.

Whether made of leather, polyester or cotton, hipster backpack, vintage backpack or daypack – there are now so many models in a variety of looks. There is guaranteed to be a suitable backpack for everyone.

What shouldn’t be missing in your hand luggage on long-haul flights?

Sabrina Vogel: The most important thing is, of course, the travel documents and the ID or passport. Charging cables for smartphones and tablets, headphones and reading are also practical companions when travelling.

I also recommend a scarf or scarf, as it is usually cool on a plane. In general, a small supply of cosmetic products is recommended, here in miniature size, because of the general hand luggage regulations: starting with the toothbrush including toothpaste, cream, deodorant and disinfectant gel, up to hand cream, eye drops and lip care stick against the dry aircraft air. A little water and painkillers are also often saviours in need.

Rarely used, but worth gold just in case: change items in your hand luggage. If the suitcase shouldn’t arrive, you are at least prepared for the first day.

Your personal packing tips … 

Sabrina Vogel: My personal tip is the good old packing list because good planning is everything. If you like it more technical, there are now suitable apps for it. Think about what activities or events are on the road and what you need for them. Don’t forget to take a look at the weather report!

You should also think of possible combinations before packing, which saves time and weight: do different pants fit the tops and also the shoes to several outfits? Remember that small accessories can completely change outfits again, but take up little space and weight.

Otherwise, it means to have everything ready before packing and to use gaps when packing. Free corners can be filled with socks, belts or towels, for example. Pack heavy things down (Attention: think about the case beforehand, where is below!),

Put on breathable cloth bags for shoes and laundry, which on the one hand ensure order and prevent dirt on the things, especially on the shoes. Another tip for things: use the entire length of the case, this reduces wrinkles.

Which handbags are currently very popular with your customers?

Sabrina Vogel: Fine leather in combination with a simple design is currently very much in demand. Bags from the premium brands abro, Campomaggi and Joop are often bought. The bestsellers still come from the Berlin label, Liebeskind. Anokhi bags are still a real insider tip.

The Munich label is known for handbags with a modern ethnic look. But our male customers also love bags. For men, practical shoulder bags made of leather and, best of all, short handles are popular. Bags from Piquadro and Strellson are particularly popular.

And if you are still looking for a gift idea for Christmas, I naturally recommend a bag. This guarantees that the recipient will enjoy it for a long time. A purse is also a perfect gift for almost everyone – mom, dad.