On the legendary trail in the Southern Palatinate, you will be accompanied by mythical creatures and ghost stories at every turn.

Enchanted damsels, haunted ghosts, witch mushrooms and Elwetritsche: these things belong to the legendary hiking region of the Southwest Palatinate. The Legend Trail is particularly worth a visit.

Famous, notorious for its overhanging rocks, eerie stories and wondrous animals, it captivates all its visitors. The fabulous journey begins in Dahn, on the Jungfernsprung rock. Legend has it that a young maid fled from her intrusive hunter’s boy. But miraculously she got away unscathed. 

The Drachenfels castle ruins also have a creepy past: the robber knight Franz von Sickingen spread fear and terror there and was once feared across the country. Nowadays, ruin offers the most beautiful view of the entire legend region. Forests, hills, castle ruins and the village of Busenberg are a fairytale setting for a souvenir photo.  

There is a queasy feeling in the stomach pit at Berwartstein Castle: the once royal rock castle burned down in 1591 and in her fear the damsel is said to have seen jumping into the depths as the only way out.

Cursed since then, the haunted woman still scares her visitors today, the saying goes. Young and old explorers can get scared in the ruin because there you will find old swords, tournament lances and even a medieval torture instrument – the stretching bench.  

Recovered from the first horror, the haunt for legend walkers continues. Because on the way to Fleckenstein Castle, the rock witch mushroom, which looks like its edible namesake, is just waiting for you much bigger.

You get goosebumps when you stand in front of the neighbouring rock. The devil and his followers are supposed to meet there at night to have dinner at the devil’s table. It is better to avoid the forest in the dark.  

When you arrive in front of Fleckenstein Castle, you will find a legendary fountain. The then burgrave is said to have lured his son’s mistress, a gipsy, to the fountain under an excuse and threw you into it. The son jumped in behind and so the poor woman is haunted, it is said, forever there.

Those who are lucky will catch a glimpse of the “Palatinate Mythical Bird”. The grouse Elwetritsch has lived in the enchanted forest for centuries and belongs to the Palatinate, like the Wolpertinger to Bavaria.

Our tip:  take two to three days for the Sagenweg. So you can take all the impressions with you and walk through the legendary world of the Palatinate to your heart’s content. If you need a little rest from the many fables, you can take a break in medieval taverns. If you want to exercise your muscles, even more, you will find a climbing paradise in the 43-meter-high Hochstein. The rock overgrown with pine trees can sometimes have one or two pitfalls that guarantee that the tour will be an adventure.