Travel worry:

  • The sidewalk is a garbage mountain, next to it stands the sewer.
  • The traffic noise is unbearable, the exhaust fumes approach?
  • The room is dirty, there is no running water?
  • People leave no peace and demand tourist prices?

What annoyed me earlier today is far below my tolerance threshold.

I was in India!

Translated for India virgins:

I have experienced the shit misery!

Nothing throws me off course so easily. But that only applies outside of India. In India, I am always with one leg in the nervous abyss. There are many occasions for stumbling and falling in the vast country:

When I think that nothing shocks me anymore, a Hindu mobile drives past noisily. The guru sits in the front and behind it stands a “very special” sacred cow on 2 front legs and 4 hind legs. The two udders wiggle around the bend.

When I think even India has become a daily routine, a cow blocks my way in the narrow streets of Varanasi. When you pass by, it turns out that she, too, is afraid of me. She pisses me on the shoe, with a lot of pressure.

When I think, I’m internally solid, jumps on the street a dirty teenager and clutching at me. I lose my composure; throw it to the ground, run away. First I’m mad at the Indian, then at myself.

How can you just lose your composure?

He has not lost his composure. He embraced me from person to person because I had previously refused him the handshake. He finally has a right to my handshake, my opinion, my time. He knows no privacy, no rest, no no.

I am the foreigner and my attention belongs to the 1.2 billion Indians!

We want your attention!

India, my India!

You have broken my heart.

My anticipation for you was very great, despite all the stories. But you had other plans. After just a few days I just wanted to get away from you. Was it my mistake?

The 4 India friends, who have recommended a visit, should help me from Germany by email:

  1. Gives me a list of ashrams for meditation
  2. had booked a beach holiday in the hotel
  3. tell me where to get a hash
  4. is a vegetarian

India, my India!

Are you just something for spiritual, beach vacationers, potheads and grain eaters?

Beach vacation in India is also possible without seeing Indians

India is definitely nothing for me. Or does it?

  • I wanted demanding experiences?
  • I wanted to see the world in its entirety?

On the subcontinent, the world shows its ugly face.

Even the ugliness of human nature is always in the limelight:

  • Shuffling, screaming, pissing, shitting
  • Superstition, illiteracy, listlessness, poverty

I wanted to see that! Or not?

77% of Indians spend 20 rupees a day (30 euro cents). That does not matter. Indians are over external circumstances. Let one look in the largest democracy to the decline of the world from the roadside. After all, nothing is forever, especially in India.

In the largest slum of Asia, in Mumbai, I ask an Indian about the way to the slum. How should I know that I’m already in the middle of it, in the Dharavi slum? This mud hole is no different from the other mud holes I’ve been travelling for 2 months.

The whole damned land is a mess, with very few exceptions.

Of course, there is also beauty in India, but you have to look a long time. India is a website stuffed with advertising:

  • crowded
  • colourful
  • unclean
  • aufmerksamkeitsheischend
  • 5% signal, 95% noise

You can sometimes find a glittering piece of gold on a * blink blink * advertising page, rarely even a glittering diamond. But the fun does not make the search. And it’s not fun to understand India.

It is endlessly hopeless!

For 4 weeks I have been struggling for words to describe India. But India mocks every description. If someone tells of India, as I do now, then let him talk calmly and think nothing of it. Everybody experiences India differently.

One thing is certain:

India has to be experienced!

Everywhere in India